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Taesung is an expert company geared toward the production of cosmetic containers with an unusual attention to detail, as we completely furnish the total production process: from original elegant design up to the miniting of a world class product through qualith control, Taesung is there.

With continuing R&D focusing on the development of in-house technology, we are able to develop and manutacture any product with total assurance-hence our export contracts to U.S.A. Japan and other countries as well as our regional tle-ups with famous domestic cosmetics companies. Our business advantage is delivered by an edga over the competitors in export price, constant quality improvement, and flawless management the provides a direct consultation with the client regarding corporate orders. In addition, a recognition of our technical capability and uncomparable quality allowed International business opportunitles to blossom with European countries including England and germany. A stellar output paired with an unbeatable price is the source of Taesung`s greatest pride : we are going to be your dependable partner.

Taesung industry is young and strongly oriented to the development of our greatest assets-human resources. We practice a modern approach to himan-dignity management that is structured to faithfully serve the needs of each and every employee and our bright future lies in the talents and ambitions of our first-rate personnel team. On the basis of our proven reliability and transparent management, we will continue our commitment to nurturing product-oriented culture which returns fruit of our company`s efforts back to valued employees and clients Taesung is the future.

We will also continue our R&D activity and investment in order to keep our lofry position as the best cosmetic container manufacturer both at home and abroad. We cordially thank our clients for their uncompromising support of our growth process so far, and pledeg a further commitment to reach the entire world with our state-of-the-art products and philosophy. We will do our very best to achieve this forward-looking vision.

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