Unit production volume may be variable, dependent upon the consumer`s individual needs and competitive marketing conditions, but always investment for design plays a core role in the industrial process

Taesunf industry organized it`s own design department to reflect the crucialimportance of design on practical works, and is hence trying to enhance the value-added nature of it`s products by creating an elegant image.With the creation of an independent image to break the OEM framework, we are leading a delicate market as we maintain a solid capability to execite any client`s design

Encouragement of employee motivation is a top priority,as design we always decide whether one wins or loses in the world of cosmetics.

02Mold Production

A mold is a frame containing the precise dimensions of product, which service to manufacture a mass volume of idenitical products.

Accurate molds simply cannot be cadt without precise technical capability, so we at Taesung industry have put forth all our energy into assuting a solid product quality with our top-of-the-line mold manufacturing facilities.

This includes a milling a milling machine, lathe, discharging machine and grinder, and experts who possess a superior artisanship. In addition we strive to perfet products which will represent our clients` names with justice, through continual R&D activity


Injection involves a heating of component plastic materials in preparation for their pneumatic application into a formative mold; such pressure on the melting resin creates the final product.

This direct injection molding system requires a number of associated facilities. but the injection molder.mold,and raw material are certainly the most crucial elements. Only when these three elementst are combined in harmony, will the injection molding process output a degree of product perfection matched to the eventual market purpose.

Taesung industy owns a full-scale injection molder(made by Hyundai) to meet manufacturing needs, as fueled by precisely manufactured molds and raw materials from Samsung and LG.


Post-processing for the molded product is also a crucial stage to detemine the finished quality of a cosmetics container.

Taesung industry is planning to extend the post-product line as well as related factory facilitoes with in the next year.


Taesung industy completed the automation of it`s assembly facility under direction from an accomplished team of seasoned engineers.

As mandated by our ideology that minute things have a big impact on final quality, we will serve double your product price with flawless assembly mrthodology.

06Quality Control

The quality control department is principally oriented to sustain and enhance product quality by applying modern scientfic priciples.

It is however, our understanding that product quality alone cannot be substantially increased without widespread improvement in related managerial fields. This we practice not only quality control which targets a perfect product,but we also undertake general elployee maintenance across the board-this covers marketing, planning, development,general affairs, accounting and other non-manufacturing department.

This concept of composite quality finance, distribution, and service sectors as well as in manufacturing fields; the Unite States in particular is an active participant in the implementation of this concept, even as it expends this system into a Total Quality Management(TQM)protocol.

It is Taesung industy`s professional committment to provide our client with a perfect quality product through unit inspections of production samlers, an application of vacuum testing and heat-resistance testing(and the utilization of other precision measuring instruments)as well as the pratice of TQM.